I may have forgotten i have work today, looks like that’ll be postponed for now then

Now that i’m relatively coherent, i think i’ll try and start her up. Firstly with a greeter for AJ of course 

Thats actually more since he was the first follower but eh



And there there’s people like me who were sitting on it

At least yours was out of view, mine was right in front of me and i’d seen it light up when i got an alert a few moments before hand….

(Source: polkadot-creeper)

"I cant fine my phone! I cant find my phone!"

Piece of shit was in front of me the whole time in god damn plain view…..


I really have no explanation for this.

Here just…Just take the demon Togami and don’t ask any questions.


Since everyone’s either asleep or busy i’m going back to bed

No one really cares tho, so why should i?

Eh, whatever

Good morning.

As of now, all my DR rp blogs that i use are on Hiatus.


I’m gonna try and get Grell up and running or something….

I’m beat, tomorrow i’ll make some starters and do some replies to get my Grell blog up and running.

But right now i need to sleep, hopefully get my sleep schedule back on track as well.