Anonymous whispered:
So then who are your OC's based on then?

Well, i can list, but it’ll be under a cut

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mookman24 whispered:
Do you ever struggle coming up ideas for OCs?

Usually my OCs are based on people i know and meet in real life, with fantasy elements added in most cases. But ground work is more often than no based on real people i know/knew.

For example, my OC Jack is based on my friend AJ, i used the base line of AJ’s personality, thing i know about him and things he likes, to make the base of a character. From then, i built on him, adding things i think the character is best suited to have work with is personality, and building the personality up as well.

So i cant really say i struggle to make OCs, they just sort of, happen, from people i interact with, and then i work from there.

sunandblaketho whispered:
i enjoy your oc's. they're good. more please ;-;

fdsjklfjdskl thank you very much! I can easily do that, sure!

My OC, Mina Hazelwood,

she’s Jack’s assistant and GRIMM Headquarters’s secretary and ‘universal juice-box’. She has high regenerative abilities, healing completely within minutes of taking injury, although she still scars. As such she’s often tasked with feeding the more dangerous of GRIMM’s experiments. Because her abilities are a direct result of experimentation itself, as are her other ‘attributes’ she is not regarded as human, and is one of the few beings that aren’t to have Jack’s respect and trust.

She’s very nervous and stutters a lot, and is easily frightened by trivial things rather than actual horrors. She’s good at organizing and relaying messages but can be absentminded and clumsy most of the time.


since I already did draw Integra~

eeveeskirata whispered:
Hey Gaz-Senpai, umm i got yelled at for using your Nora pictures for when you rped as her soooo umm I just want make sure I have permission to use them

Yeah man, totally! I gave you permission before, so knock yourself out!

Postin’ this publicly so if anyone gives you a hard time about it, you can link em’ this.


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