You never took us alive 

We swore that death would do us part

So now we haunt you in the dark

Art trade/Collab with the amazing Polkadot-Creeper of Genocider Syo and Genocider Togami. They did the sketch and lines and I did the colors.

Seriously, they’re one of my best friends and one of the best artists I know and it was an absolute pleasure coloring a picture of their’s. I highly suggest checking out their other stuff!

I had every intention of drawing something serious between these two and then this happened and i’m so sorry

I can practically hear him repeating the words “i hate you, die” over and over in his head



I don’t even get a proper greeting from my sister.
It’s not “Hey” or “Good morning”.
It’s “Oh hey you’re alive.”

Ok, but to be fair, you just sort of


for a few hours


Anonymous whispered:
I thought you quit Dangan Ronpa?

nishinishii, spookyprincesskirigiri and eloquentmxloki dragged me back in ehe;

I cannot spell and it took two edits and switching the file three times but! I think i did ok with it orz

I do like how the picture came out tho, AJ’s stuff is so much fun to colour tbh