Psst you're super cute

fjds thank yooooou

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He handles it pretty well, from what I can see. The anon hate I mean.

Regardless of whether or not he can handle it, it doesn’t mean people should still be assholes and send it.

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I would trade everything I've ever owned to have your amazing skill/talent/honed drawing abilities. Seriously. I LOVE your art, style and just everything all of it. I want to be as good as you some day.

jdkslfjksl thank you very much! That means a lot to me!

Just keep at it and persevere, try new things and dont give up with your art. You improve with time and practice.

I’m glad you like my stuff man, thank you <3

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Hey, hey, you know whats a rad idea?

Not harassing my boyfriend for once

Think we can try it for once? Thank

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i saw gaz's selfie. I can't belived they settled for someone who looks like you!!


I know right?!

It’s akin to a supermodel dating a slug they peeled off their boot. 

Idk man, i think i found some one pretty cute~

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I found my bear hat, bad selfie under the cut ye…

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You're cute every day. (Especially when you get mad though) *Insert gif of bear puppet with the pink eyebrows*

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I feel really cute today i like this feeling

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some of us have been following each other for a long ass time

#at this point i dont even care about your fandoms



Gavin Free. Man of the Moment. Destroyer of great poses.

Haha I love how everybody tries to help Gavin and Geoff is just there giving no fucks. 

oh my god